Books By Dr. Frank Lawlis


The Stress Answer

Dr. Frank Lawlis has helped thousands of families cope with learning disorders, attention deficit disorder, and emotional connections. Now he takes on the biggest difficulty that most of us, children and adults alike, face every day: stress. In THE STRESS ANSWER: Train Stress AnswerYour Brain to Conquer Depression and Anxiety in 45 days (Viking; On-Sale date: September 22, 2008; 288 pages; $24.95; 978-0-670-01973-1), the chief content advisor for The Dr. Phil Show and bestselling author of The IQ Answer and Mending the Broken Bond gives a practical guide to recognizing and overcoming the stress in one's life.

70% of adults say they experience anxiety on a daily basis, and 30% report their anxiety levels are constant. Research has demonstrated that negative, stress-inducing life events can indeed compromise the immune system, making someone more susceptible to infections and diseases. If not properly taken care of, the interactions between emotional stress and the body can exacerbate (and even initiate) serious chronic diseases, such as type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and chronic pain. Using stories and anecdotes from patients he's worked with, THE STRESS ANSWER presents an easy-to-follow 45-day regiment to change the way the body and mind processes stress, which will lead to the ultimate stress release. Some of the helpful advice Dr. Lawlis provides in his plans includes:

Breathing techniques: taking quick, shallow breaths usually signals the brain that a threat exists, which stimulates a stress response, and therefore destructive thinking patterns. Conversely, taking slow, deep breaths usually signals the brain that the coast is clear and all is well

Proper nutrition: Dr. Lawlis gives a list of "brain healthy" foods, such as foods with Omega-3s, which combat depression, enhance learning and memory, and are major aids in brain plasticity

Playing games like Solitaire, Crossword Puzzles/Sudoku, and Scrabble will help the mind to focus

Listening to music: research shows that self-selected relaxing music significantly reduces anxiety and nervous system arousal.

Chewing gum: The act of chewing has been known to settles anxiety levels.

Anyone from ages 9 to 90 can benefit from the techniques that Dr. Lawlis outlines on THE STRESS ANSWER. I hope you will consider the book for feature or review.

Mending The Broken Bond

Dr. Frank Lawlis has spent nearly forty years counseling parents on helping their children live up to their fullestMending Broken Bond potential. As the chief content adviser for The Dr. Phil Show and the bestselling author of The ADD Answer and The IQ Answer, Dr. Lawlis has aided thousands of parents and their children. Now, in MENDING THE BROKEN BOND (Viking; On-Sale date: September 10, 2007; 304 pages; $24.95; 978-0-670-01834-5) Dr. Lawlis takes on a problem he encounters often in his work: helping parents and kids work through all of the fights, conflicts, and miscommunications in order to learn to love each other again.

Using stories and anecdotes from families he's worked with, Dr. Lawlis presents an easy-to-follow 90-day plan to help any parent who has heard the phrases "I didn't ask to be born!" or "You'll never understand" coming from a son or daughter. In MENDING THE BROKEN BOND Dr. Lawlis offers comfort, hope, and a way to move forward. Some of the helpful advice Dr. Lawlis provides in his plans includes:

-Cutting down on gifts and gadgets and avoiding overscheduling
-Taking a daily task, such as cooking dinner, and making it a family activity
-Thinking critically about medications
-Learning what your facial and body expressions convey
-Understanding the effects of certain foods

With the techniques that Dr. Lawlis outlines in MENDING THE BROKEN BOND, parents and children can get back on track to a more open and healthy relationship with one another. This is a book that every family can use and benefit from.

The IQ Answer

What if we could use more than 10% of our brains? According to Dr. Lawlis, bestselling author of The ADD Answer, not only are we more capable than we think, but we have the potential to make our brains many times The IQ Answermore powerful. This is especially true for kids who are struggling academically—kids whose parents and teachers know they could be doing better. After years of research and helping individuals reach their full potential, in THE IQ ANSWER: Maximizing Your Child's Potential, Dr. Lawlis introduces thirteen groundbreaking steps that parents can use with their children and themselves to build a better brain and to overcome thinking patterns that hamper success through nutrition, breathing exercises, and more. For example:
Music, especially drum beats, stimulates the brain and allows information to be absorbed quicker and easier.

When stuck on negative or stressful thoughts, try breathing through one nostril and out of the other for a few minutes. This exercise works as a brain cleanser.

Certain foods, like milk, whole grains, and even chocolate, can affect moods in a positive way, allowing the brain to be free to think creatively.

THE IQ ANSWER is a mind, body, and soul approach to nurturing intellectual and emotional intelligence. Lawlis's family-centered program will help students break academic plateaus and boost self-confidence. With thousands of children diagnosed each year with ADD and other learning disabilities, THE IQ ANSWER is a powerful tool for any parent.


The ADD Answer

Each year, seventeen million new cases of attention deficit disorder, or ADD, are diagnosed in children. For The ADD Answermany families, the diagnosis is the beginning of a long and frustrating journey through treatment options, which have largely focused on medications designed to treat the disorder. Yet drug therapy does not work for many children, or does not work over time, and parents are left feeling helpless and searching for other solutions.

In The ADD Answer, Dr. Frank Lawlis draws upon his thirty-five years of experience as a clinical and research psychologist to put parents back in charge of their child's well-being, and arm them with a range of innovative alternatives to the one-size-fits-all treatments often recommended. With comprehensive, step-by-step advice, questionnaires, and action plans, Dr. Lawlis teaches parents how to identify and target their child's specific needs and deficits, and then outlines proven healing pathways that can actually improve functioning. His individualized approach blends the latest medical, nutritional, and psychological treatments with expert insight into the emotional - and spiritual - support kids and families need.


Transpersonal Medicine

"Transpersonal" is defined as some influence from beyond (trans-), such as transcendence and spirituality, or across (trans-) oneself, such as love relationships and healing touch. The book, Transpersonal Medicine, is a presentation of what transpersonal forces have been shown to heal and the mechanisms of how they heal. Experts of the world have contributed their perspectives on the various dimensions.

The Cure

The book is a novella in which Alex, a wolf, gets cancer and goes through the forest asking his friends and doctors what was cancer and how could he get well. Like most stories of human cancer victims in the maze of the medical system, he gets various answers and finds them all lacking. Finally he gets his answer. Written up as a prominent article in USA TODAY, this book has healed more patients than any person could because of the inspiration and wisdom.

Mosby Textbook on Alternative Medicine (with Lyn Freeman, Ph.D.)

Written for medical and nursing schools this book is a research-based review of alternative medicine practices, such as chiropractic practice, imagery, exercise, therapeutic touch, etc. This book is an authoritative and serious exploration of what works and what doesn't in these fields. Adopted by Harvard Medical School and others, this is a very informative book on these maters.

The Pilgrimage

The book, The Pilgrimage, is a step-by-step process in which a person is taken through a series of imaged challenges and how he or she meets and copes with the challenges shows what coping mechanisms he or she uses when challenged in real life. People have been delighted as they see themselves and contrast themselves to others, but it is a very helpful tool in discovering new methods of dealing with serious problems, such as disease or relationship issues.