Quick Relief Collection

Dr. Lawlis is now Accessible on iTunes and Amazon

Dr. Lawlis has released seven audio tracks with the intention of demonstrating how easy QRC Graphicrelief from various stresses can be alleviated. While all seven tracks are contained in a single album, we encourage you to choose one that most closely fits your needs. The Quick Relief Collection is a collection of relaxation/visualization exercises developed to provide quick relief... a constructive distraction during the daily grind when more time-consuming options are not an option. The tracks include:

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Deep Relaxation: This is a brief but effective program to disrupt stress responses with soothing relaxation instruction led by effective breathing patterns and positive imagery. By breaking the anxious breathing pattern and distracting the conscious mind from emotional triggers, especially in the initial stages, a person can reverse initial stress responses to relaxing patterns.

Muscular Stress Reduction: This is a brief relaxation script directed toward the stress action affecting the muscular reactions. It can be very appropriate to use in the midst of stress triggers, such as in traffic stress, immediate performance anxiety, out-of-control situations, like child care.  Also very helpful for muscular tension that lead to headaches and back pain.

Food cravings relief: This is a very effective tool in dealing with food craving, like sugar and salt, in relationship to emotional eating habits. With distraction and underlying shifts in brain frequencies, a person can overcome cravings for five minutes, which will naturally dissolve them, helping strengthen resolve to diets and healthier eating.

Dissolving the Smoking Monkey: This brief but effective program can change a person’s craving for nicotine through distraction, brain frequency shift and imagery. Using one’s smell imagery base changes on neurological pathways directly, a person can eventually teach their brain to control cravings long term.

Drugs and Alcohol Cravings' Erasure: Used in one of the leading drug recovery centers this brief program can be a major source for changing emotional responses for some of the most harmful drugs, specifically for the cravings for these substances. By imagery distraction and using very specific breathing techniques, the individual can “get through” the temptations and learn to thrive to healthful living.

Dealing with Disappointment and Rejection: Everyone who tries to make a difference in life will face disappointment and rejection. Turning that time into a strengthening step instead of a defeat is the topic of this brief stress program. Using powerful focusing messages from champions of life during this time can mean an immediate release from stress toward resolution for self reflections to understanding inner strengths.    

Depressurizing Rage: At those critical times in which you are faced with rage, this brief CD can give you the “reset response” to turn a situation from disaster to resolution. Dealing with unreasonable people will always be a frustration for anyone, but can become a major problem that leads to sabotaging one’s life if not in control. This program offers you the direct help.

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